Project 25, No. 21: Support systems

If you ever find yourself in the old world, where ancient cities used to stand, you’ll see one shape keep reappearing: the arch. Those arches can sure last a long time (here’s why, in great detail).

Its semicircular structure elegantly distributes compression through its entire form and diverts weight onto its two abutments, the components of the bridge that directly take on pressure.

A rock on its own can’t take on nearly as much weight as rocks banded together in a curve.

People are like this too - better equipped to take on stress when it’s shared. It’s corny, yet true - and that’s hard to admit. I usually strongly dislike all people, most of the time.


But support systems are necessary. They’re the reason you get out of - or finally get into - bed. They’re the ones that help you through the general feeling of malaise. They ones that replace the tissue boxes with no questions asked. The ones that bring you a sack of sewing to do because they know it will help and help you fill that pool of motivation inside of you with a slow, but steady, trickle. They’re the ones that laugh at your stupid links you send over the corporate messaging system, the ones that favorite sad tweets then ask you if everything is OK.

Your old friends are but a Snapchat away. A text message. A Yo, even.

They remind you of priorities.


They scratch you in strange places.


They remind you that you’re OK and not completely alone in this sad little universe.

So here’s to friends everywhere. May you be as rewarded by my company and support as I am by yours.


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