Project 25, No. 19: On Robin

I know there’s been a lot written about Robin Williams’ passing today. I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow to bigotry, but I’m afraid it’s already happened.

I’m not one to usually dwell on celebrity deaths, but this one is different. Robin Williams was the fixture of many of my generation’s childhood classics - and as a kid who was constantly bedridden with terrible asthma and insomnia who only had VHS tapes and books as friends most of the time, Robin Williams helped make it a bit less lonely.

An added zinger: if you’re a millennial like me, Robin Williams was likely the age of your parents. Think about that - call them right now and tell ‘em you love 'em.

And then, watch my favorite clips from the entertainer’s greatest. His Reddit AMA is classic too.

I. Hook

Once, I sat next next to Rufio during a charity dinner. I almost died out of nervousness. I was 19.

II. Inside the Actor’s Studio

Even Robin Williams hated Silicon Valley.

III. Aladdin

If you don’t like this number, I’d question your whole life.

Guys, even my own mom donated (yay)! If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, feel free to click here.


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