Project 25, Post. No. 6: Peak productivity  

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Want to change your life?

OK, I know that’s a little dramatic.


But, people always ask me how I stay in touch with the news and read so much - so here are my three favorite tools.

1) Pocket. It’ll change your life - it’s basically a link collecting tool that pulls all those articles you’ll read later. The shocking thing: you actually will, and offline too! Every plane ride, line and restless hour in bed before the alarm clock goes off goes to Pocket for me. Download here.

2) Super curated Twitter. I know that many new users are often overwhelmed by Twitter, but once you get to know who to follow, it’s magic. Personally, I aggressively curate who I follow and make full use of lists. Additionally, I follow someone based on three factors that the user has to pass: 1) Will they share things I find intellectually stimulating? 2) Will they sometimes disagree with me, but respectfully? 3) Will they occasionally make me laugh? The more you use it, the better it gets.

3) The good old fashioned email digest. These are getting popular again - and my favorites include:

The Broadsheet, a daily email which delivers a digest of the most powerful women in the world.

Ann Friedman’s weekly newsletter, which is plain and simple zeitgeist, written by someone I’d like to befriend. Plus, charts.

Quartz Daily Brief, which has a high “newstritional” value and isn’t terribly focused on the U.S., which is like the kale of information right there.

The Daily Brief, which is cute, short and useful.

Enjoy, babies, and have a great rest of your week.


Ann Friedman, y'all, c/o The Hairpin.

Bonus treat: here’s Slothilda to round off your night. H/T [@tayav](


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